Embrace the brighter side of life with the fashion-forward and unashamedly bold Spring Summer collection from William Morris London.

This season’s London collection encompasses a unique blend of metallic styles with flares of colourful hues and stand out acetate designs.

Its undeniable inspiration from the city streets of London and catwalk looks ensures wearers are always at the forefront of the latest looks. The collection is overflowing with character and personality, it is an opportunity to be bold this Spring.

A stand out female favourite this season is LN50239


from the London Petite range. Its eye-catching pastel tones balanced with a two-tone effect allows the wearer to add an edge to their everyday look, and also suits those with a smaller face shape. 

For the more daring wearer, the strong acetate colour pop of LN50249


balanced with minimalistic metallic echo’s retro trends with a modern flare. 

The London gentleman has a variety of stylish designs to choose from in this collection. LN50257 


is strong in shape and available in muted tonal colours, allowing them to embrace their inner style connoisseur. 

This launches unique feature is the varied shapes and trends encompassed within. Whether it’s an understated look or a maximal feel the wearer wants – William Morris London has it all

This season the Black Label collection exudes style with unique colourways and wearable luxurious designs. 

Bold two-tone acetate styles are showcased alongside colourful takes on refined metal favourites. Using only the best quality materials from Japan, Black Label frames are a staple for any collection and the designs speak for themselves. 

Indulge yourself in a symphony of tonal delight – the luxurious Black Label plays with daring pantones to command attention this Spring Summer. 

This eyewear range features Mazzucchelli acetate and durable metallic finishing and materials. 

Mr Morris’s women’s frame of the season is Black Label Petra


with a elegant cat-eye shape and two tone colour pops, in blue, green and red. It’s versatility and choice to suit an array of complexions are what make it utterly stand out. 

The next go-to glasses for a style-conscious gentleman is the bold Black Label Rowan


– its sharp accents bring a new level of structure to the wearer. The black, blue and grey shades available bring a completely different feel to each frame. 

The sturdy nature of the frame structures in this collection paired with the intricate details and eye-catching colours make for the perfect balance to create the ultimate premium frames. Well-suited to the brighter days ahead and can be worn long into the night, this season is perfect for when your evening wear knows no bounds. 

Black Label allows you to live vicariously and bold through an expression of any kind. There is always a style suited for both the sophisticated lady and fashionable gentleman.

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