Rayban is undeniably one of the most popular brands of spectacle frames and sunglasses frames in the world! And they hold that position for a reason. Combining high quality frames with high quality lenses and packaging it all up without breaking the bank is no easy feat, but Rayban walk that line year in and year out.

With iconic sunglasses styles like the Aviator and Wayfarer, their influence in the fashion world is well documented and continues to be hugely relevant today.


But Rayban also provide lenses of exceptional quality! Rayban products can be provided with Genuine Rayban lenses including Polarised lens, the iconic G-15 Rayban lens colour and their new Chromance lenses!

The ophthalmic range of frames mirrors the iconic styles of the sunglasses range, with timeless frames suitable for all ages and all walks of life! Rayban offer a great variety of sizes and colours making it very easy to find the perfect frame for everyone.

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