JAGUAR is the renowned car brand known for passion and its special attitude to life. Even 100 years after its foundation, the brand is a role model for tastefully and successfully combining tradition and innovation as well as performance and elegance. The versatility of the brand values is also reflected in the current men’s collection of JAGUAR Eyewear, which shows these facets in materials, colours, designs, or technology orientation in the different product segments

The SPIRIT segment represents the emotional and energetic side of JAGUAR, seamlessly fusing passion and technology.  The four new prescription frames impress with colour, contrasts and the surprising staging of design elements from the JAGUAR sports car. They are thus aimed at the urban, smart and sporty man. Well thought-out, balanced lens shapes are implemented in a nylor and in a full rim frame in classic metal colours. The exciting twist is provided by the dynamic temple concept with bold colour accents. The highlight colour is picked up in the JAGUAR lettering and is also found on the inside and in the temple end. The colour-contrasting and embossed line on the lower edge of the metal temple is reminiscent of the light strip from the JAGUAR taillight. The SPIRIT combination and acetate frames also skilfully take up the design concept by means of laminated colour accents. The coloured interior shines through subtly but effectively. The interesting colour combinations with neon elements serve a sporty taste. For example, a transparent model with neon blue accents conveys a particularly light and fresh impression, while alternatives in classic black cater to the more subtle spectacle wearer.

The PERFORMANCE line puts the focus on JAGUAR’s dynamics and performance in popular colours. Like the sports cars, the eyewear focuses on maximum comfort through innovative materials and technology. The thin-rimmed frames are functional and convince with their lightness. The use of Ultem material enables exceptionally lightweight frames, while metal models allow for minimised dimensions by using rivets. With clean designs, JAGUAR also succeeds in setting accents with colours and details. For example, the end of the long acetate temple is highlighted in colour and coordinated colours also come into their own on the inside of the glasses.  The sportiest colour combination of indigo blue and fresh orange is complemented by more subtle alternatives. The temples of the metal models discreetly pick up on the dynamics of the cars with a narrow diagonal stripe laid out in colour. The typical growler as a resin logo on the outside as well as a modern and trendy keyhole bridge round off the performance designs. The lens shapes range from a bold Karree to a softer Panto lens, and there is also a Nylor variant with a fine metal eye rim.

In the CLASSIC models, the noble to luxurious facet of JAGUAR unfolds. The Eyewear expresses elegance and class through minimalism, high-quality surfaces and subtle details. In proven JAGUAR style, refined design transfers from the car to the Eyewear are designed and processed to a high standard. Among other things, the temple is embossed with the fluted structure in reference to the speakers in the interior of the JAGUAR door. The acetate frames are equipped with metal hinges and logo plate as decoration, a fine JAGUAR lettering is laminated on the inside. 

The particularly discerning gentleman is addressed by CLASSIC TITANIUM. The models are available in shiny galvanic colours such as gold and silver and in timeless nylor versions. The choice of titanium sheet emphasises the value of the eyewear. The JAGUAR signature of the models is reflected in the exclusive temple as a discreet design transfer based on the vent lines. Thus, the classic designs with first-class craftsmanship and premium material are a valuable addition to the broad and established JAGUAR range

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